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June 19, 2024

Union Organizing

How do I organize a Union at my workplace?

  • Workers in Wisconsin have a long history of coming together to make their workplaces better places to work.

How To Form a Union, a Step by Step Guide

Basic Steps to Forming a Union

IAMAW Union Authorization Card

Contact an IAMAW Organizer!

Contact an Organizer

Exposing Union Busting 101

Why do employers fight so hard against their workers organizing?  It all comes down to one word: POWER.

Learn What employers are going to say to you BEFORE they say it.

Anti-Union Brochure – PDF

Anti-Union Explainer

Your rights at work resources

You and your coworkers have the right to take collective action at work to improve your working conditions.  The National Labor Relations Act protects most workers’ right to advocate for better working conditions and form a union.

 National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) Labor Resources

Immigrant Worker Rights

Contact an IAMAW Organizer!

Contact an Organizer

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