Beaver Dam, US 61 F
July 20, 2024

When workers take action together, they gain the power to tackle problems they face at work and address issues that are important to them. From safety and health concerns, to job security and fair wages, a union contract ensures that everyone is treated fairly at work.

Throughout Wisconsin and parts of the Michigan Upper Peninsula, IAMAW District 10 fights for safe workplaces, fair wages, reasonable work/life balance, job security, affordable healthcare, a retirement with dignity, and for strong communities.

A Voice On The Job

We bargain the best contracts in the industries we represent. Having a voice in your workplace ensures that you and your co-workers are treated fairly.

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will.

Frederick Douglass

Respect and Job Security

Management and Unions work better together if they both acknowledge that the other has a legitimate and valued purpose. For most people, our jobs are our lifelines to our family’s well being; food, home, healthcare, savings for old age, and the means to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Good jobs are worth fighting for.

Democracy In Our Workplaces

Unionizing brings democracy to a top-down workplace. A union contract genuinely changes the power dynamics in a workplace in favor of the workers.

The IAMAW is a worker-led and worker-centered democratic institution where union members vote for their representatives and leadership at every level of their union.

The right to form a union is fundamental to a free, democratic society. The right to organize is set out in the United Nations International Declaration of Human Rights. All workers have the right to collectively bargain with their employer.

Service To The Community

Unionized workplaces are the bedrock of strong communities. By raising the standard of living for at our workplaces, IAM contracts raise the bar for everyone. Community service is a core value of the IAMAW.

IAM members believe in giving back. Throughout District 10, union members volunteer in numerous community service projects and fundraisers each year.